We love making memorable weddings

We love making wedding memorable and we consider ourselves great at wanting to do the best thing for this planet and for our future generations.

Picking your place is truly among your most important decisions, both in terms of making certain that it’s eco-friendly and also making certain it matches the tone of your event. Gladly, it’s simple to locate a blend of both components.

Before you begin thinking about what you want the venue to look like, consider where you want to hold your wedding. Though it’s tempting to hold a wedding in an isolated natural location—and though it seems that this would match your green wedding ideas—this may actually lead to a less eco friendly wedding if it means your guests have to travel a long ways.

Instead, think first about a centralized location where most of the guests don’t have to travel too far. Once you know your general location, start scouting around for a place that speaks to you. Look especially for venues near public transportation, if possible, to cut the carbon emissions that your guests will generate as they travel.

The reason why we created this website is because we truly hope it serves as a great resource for couples who want to make sure that the happiest day of their lives also has a great effect on the environment. And if you know that your wedding ceremony was not only beautiful but eco friendly, the memories of this day will be all that much more pleasant.