4 Things You Need to Know When Buying Diamond Engagement Ring

gorgeous white gold diamond ring

What You Need to Know When Buying Diamond Proposal Ring

Diamonds are known for their beauty, purity and clarity.

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Recent statistics have shown that three out of five millennials use it as a sign of commitment to their partner.

If you are in pursuit of another piece of diamond or an engagement ring, you may find it hard to choose the right ring, especially if you are a guy.

Diamonds come with a high price tag so you have to get it right when making your purchase.

In this article we cover the four main things you have to understand before you make your diamond singapore purchase.

1. Diamond Clarity and Color

2. Diamond Cut and Size

3. Price

4. Diamond certification

Diamond Clarity and Color

Diamonds are graded on a scale that is from D to Z. Grades D-F are regarded as colorless, Grade G-J are near colorless, Grades K-M are faint yellow, Grades N-R are considered very light yellow, while S-Z are regarded as light yellow.

Diamond clarity refers to its visual characteristics. Clarity grades are FL-IF, considered flawless, VVSI-VVS, very hard to see its irregularities, VS1-VS2, can see irregularities when magnified, SI1-SI2, irregularities visible under magnification, I1-13 irregularities visible to the eye. The more flawless the diamond is, the higher the price.

Cut and carat size

Diamond cuts can be round, emerald, asscher, princess, oval, marquise, pear shape, and square.

ideal diamond cuts

Shapes such as oval, marquise, and pear make the diamond appear much larger than it is. Diamond weight is measured using a unit called carat. A single carat equals to 0.2 grams. Jewelry store mostly offer pieces between 0.5 to 2 carats.


Before you buy the ring you have chosen, make sure it is within your allocated budget. Diamond rings can be quite expensive. If not, you could consider saving for a while or working an extra shift to save enough money.

Diamond certification

After grading diamonds, independent lab entities provide certificates to prove their grading. When buying your ring, make sure the certification is from an established lab that is known for strictness and consistency.

Some of the labs include GSI – Gemological Science International, EGL – European Gemological Laboratory, IGI – International Gemological Institute, AGS – American Gem Society, HRD – Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) and last but not all, GIA – Gemological Institute of America.

If you are still feeling a bit confused on the stone to choose, we have selected two stunning and unique ring designs
that perfectly embody the above characteristics. They are:

1. Super ideal cushion cut engagement ring. This ring is shaped like a pillow and is quite popular among celebrities and brides. It has a modern and vintage feel and appears larger than its actual size.

beautiful cushion cut diamond ring

2. Solitaire white gold ring. If you are looking for a unique proposal ring, this ring is a solid choice.

gorgeous white gold diamond ring

This ring is timeless and the diamond comes in emerald, oval, marquise, or pear shape.

Buying diamonds can be a bit frustrating but when you follow the above guidelines you will get the best stone you can pay for.

When buying a diamond proposal ring, consider picking one that has the clearest, most colorless, and best cut stone. Consider, also, buying one that has a certificate from a reputable diamond Singapore jeweler. To make your proposal ring unique, the best way is to customize your ring design.

Hope you have some useful tips in this article. Here is another article that is useful if you are buying an ideal cut diamond.

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